Sophie Luckett


  Registered HCPC


  Speech & Language Therapist


  Tel: 07789 118514


  “ Our vision is a world

  where all children and

  young people who

  struggle to communicate

  receive the help they

  need so that they can

  have a happy childhood,

  make progress at school

  and thrive as adults ”


I have worked as a Speech and Language Therapist with children for over 22 years privately and within the National Health Service. My work, which is now solely within the private sector involves the provision of Speech and Language Therapy within the home, pre-school and school settings. I work with children who have a wide range of communication difficulties including:

-  Speech Sound Delays and Disorders including Dyspraxia

-  Receptive Language difficulties (understanding language)

-  Expressive Language Delays and Disorders (producing language)

-  Stammering

My sessions are child focused such that the child has fun and feels at ease whilst meeting communication targets. This creates a positive learning environment, which in turn promotes communication development and helps the child reach their maximum potential as quickly as possible. Sessions involve sharing of my knowledge and skills by working in partnership with parents and professionals, in order that therapy can continue within the home/education contexts.

Children need to communicate for a variety of reasons. Being a Speech and Language Therapist and a mother of two young children gives me an in-depth understanding of the challenges children face in communicating their wants and needs to others and the resultant joy, laughter, confidence and increased self-esteem that successful communication brings.

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