Sophie Luckett


  Registered HCPC


  Speech & Language Therapist


  Tel: 07789 118514


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“  Thank you for teaching me with my speech and showing me learning is fun.  ”

Testimonial from Thomas, Kent

My services are highly accessible and include collaborative working with both health and education professionals. If a child has been assessed or treated by another professional, with parental consent I will liaise with them to provide a consistent approach in order for the child to reach their communication potential. This includes working with NHS Speech and Language Therapists if the child is accessing both the private and NHS sectors. I work with children in both the home and education contexts within a 15 mile radius of Brentwood.

Assessment Session

The initial assessment takes 60-90 minutes depending on the child’s age and complexity of communication difficulty. Typically it involves:

-  Taking of a case history

-  Observations of the child

-  Informal and/or formal assessment

-  Discussion with parents

-  Discussion with other professionals (as necessary)

Gathering the above information at initial assessment helps determine a child’s communication strengths and needs, and whether therapy is required. If therapy is indicated the assessment provides a baseline from which specific communication targets can be set for each individual child. The assessment determines the frequency and type of therapeutic intervention required.

A report will be provided within two weeks of the assessment session.

Therapy Session

A therapy session takes up to 30-45 minutes and is delivered alongside the adult supporting the child, whether that is a parent or an education/health professional. The number and frequency of sessions depends on the child’s needs and is agreed with parents in advance. Relevant resources required to carry over therapy are provided as appropriate.

  Private Speech and Language Therapy